Seeking Volunteers

Do you want to be a part of Idaho Writers Guild and volunteer at various events? Do you want to get involved, but you’re not sure where you fit yet? Don’t worry. We have you covered. 

We’re interested in talking to you. We’re looking for volunteers willing to commit to 5-10 hours a month, sometimes a little more, of work in various areas. You can help with a variety of projects and find where you are most comfortable. Responsibilities include:

  • Working with our volunteer coordinator on various assignments at various events.
  • Being on time and following the directions provided by the event organizer(s).
  • Acting both professionally and responsibly to ensure that all attendees are cared for and enjoy our events. 
  • Answering questions or finding answers for attendees and generally being available to help.

Frequently asked questions:

Is this a paid position? No, volunteers are not paid for their help, but it is appreciated by everyone who is a part of the IWG.

Does this position have a set term? Yes, this position is a one year commitment.

What do I get in return for doing this? Besides our thanks, you get a great addition to your resume, discounts and free admission to IWG events (we want you to take pictures and post them if you can), and a chance to help and network with other writers in your community.

How will all of this work? Well, once we have reviewed the applicants, we will contact you and talk about how we can make this position work for you. We want you to benefit from helping us as well.

When does the position start? We’d like to have volunteers starting as soon as possible. 

Interested? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon with details. Questions? Email and we’ll try to answer them.


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