Idaho Writers Guild Trusted Partners

At Idaho Writers Guild, we have two goals: to help writers learn both the craft and the business of writing. To better fulfill that mission, we are offering access to trusted partners that will help you on your journey.

Who are trusted partners? These are businesses we have vetted, including educators, editors, software providers, and others. They are proven to be reliable and to provide true value to writers everywhere.

Want to become one of our trusted partners? Email support [at] to start the process.

Let us know if you have any questions, or if there are partners you would like us to reach out to for possible inclusion on this page.

Editing Services and Book Coaching

Despite what you may hear, writing software is not enough to replace a human editor or book coach. there are a lot of reasons for this (check out the article on our blog explaining why) While we still endorse writing software as an additional tool you can use during the revision process, we also highly recommend you have a professional look at your work before you publish or submit to a publisher.

Here are our trusted partners in editing and book coaching. Check them out today!

What Sets Stacey Apart:

Stacey walks authors through the entire process, from manuscript creation to publishing.

Stacey also coaches authors to craft a compelling manuscript that will attract readers and please an audience. Above all, she tailors her editing services to meet the author’s goals.

Furthermore, she teaches authors all the facets of publishing, so they have the tools to accomplish their goals in a professional and successful manner.

Stacey edits a variety of genres, focuses on Indie authors, and has edited an amazing array of titles that have contributed to their authors’ success. 

Check out Stacey’s services, courses, and more by visiting her website today.

The Plot Whisperer

Troy Lamber is a story structure nerd. He’s studied and taught about plotting on a national scale, and is the education lead for the visual outlining software, Plottr. He helps authors structure their stories from the idea stage all the way through the developmental editing process.

He’s a coach and editor for a limited selection of clients, and focuses on the mystery and thriller genre, although he can (and has) edited in others as well.

He can also help you with email marketing and SEO. Check out his services (and the courses coming soon) at his website today!