Tiffany Yates Martin has spent nearly thirty years as an editor in the publishing industry, working with major publishers and New York Times_,_ Washington Post_,_ Wall Street Journal_, and_ USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors as well as indie and newer writers. She is the founder of FoxPrint Editorial and author of the bestseller Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing. As an educator she leads seminars and workshops for writers around the country, and is a regular contributor to writers' sites like Writer Unboxed, Writer's Digest, and Jane Friedman. Under the pen name Phoebe Fox, she's also the author of six novels, including the recently released The Way We Weren't (Berkley/PRH). Visit her at

All Sessions by Tiffany Yates Martin

15:15 - 16:15
Room 420 A/B

Finding and Working with Editors

How do you the right editor for you? How does it work when you find them? Come find out.

15:15 - 16:15
Room 430B

The Final Polish

Making Your Prose Serve Your Story: Even if your story is compelling, well paced, and gripping, what sets a good book apart from a great one can be the prose itself. With concrete, specific examples, authors will learn how to tighten up the flab of useless verbiage, unnecessary modifiers, dueling descriptions, spoon-feeding, and more to make their style as tight as their storytelling. Plenty of specific examples and optional “live edits” help attendees see firsthand how to apply these techniques to their own WIPs.

13:20 - 13:45
Room 430B

Round Table Chat

A round table chat with one of our guest speakers! Get to know them better and ask them almost anything! MAXIMUM OF 6 PARTICIPANTS. Register early at the conference to reserve your spot!

14:00 - 15:00
Room 420A

Editors Panel

A panel of editors will share what they are looking for, pet peeves, and how working with an editor works. Come learn more from the inside of an editor's mind.