Katie Reed

Agent and Editor

Katie Reed began her career in publishing with Andrea Hurst and Associates while pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in English at Sacramento State and has worked in the publishing field for over a decade. Boo Walker (The Singing Trees), Suzanne Kelman (A View Across the Rooftops), and international bestselling author Dr. Bernie Siegel, are among the many clients and works the agency represents. Katie loves discovering new talent, building lasting connections with her authors, and working diligently to represent books readers will love. Katie lives in Lewiston, Idaho with her husband, three children, a Bichon Frise, and two obstinate cats. In the summer you can find her on the beach upriver in Hells Canyon, preferably with a good book. Katie is actively building her client list and looking for standout projects to champion. She represents commercial and upmarket women’s fiction, historical fiction, psychological thriller, suspense, contemporary fantasy, and select YA fantasy or thriller. She is looking for stories that hit that sweet spot between commercial and literary, where strong, poignant prose and twisty, high stakes plot intersect. Katie is especially drawn to books with universal human themes that resonate with readers and seep through the pages. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin was her favorite book of 2022! Learn more about Katie and the agency at www.andreahurst.com. When Katie takes off her agent hat, she steps into her role on the other side of the writer’s journey as a developmental editor. Her mission as an editor is to provide honest and knowledgeable feedback on a project to help strengthen it while also maintaining the author’s vision. She has experience editing a wide range of genres and levels, from authors who are ready to put the final polish on their novel for pitching, to authors who are just starting out and need guidance navigating the world of writing, and everything in between. While many of her clients have enjoyed successful careers in the publishing industry, Katie enjoys helping new writers reach their potential and see their stories become the best versions of themselves. Her specialty is projects at early stages of development. You can find more information about her role as a developmental editor at www.fatcatediting.com.

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