Becca Syme

Conference Presenter

Becca Syme is the creator and founder of the Better-Faster Academy. She has been teaching the popular Write Better-Faster course on author success alignment for six years, and has individually coached thousands of authors toward better success in their careers and lives. She is a firm believer that an individualized approach is the most effective, so she’s brought on other certified coaches who are also writers, to help coach even more writers to maximize their strengths. Please find those coaches in the menu and see who would be the best fit for you. Becca is not currently taking new clients, but please see one of our other coaches!

All Sessions by Becca Syme

11:15 - 12:15
Room 430A

Stuck, Blocked, or Burned Out?

Everyone’s tossing around the B-word lately. Burnout. And some of us feel a physical recoil when we see that word, so we might be afraid to think about or talk about times when we’re not writing, for fear of someone using that B-word. But there are lots of reasons we might not be writing, and some of them are even about another b-word… beneficial. So come to this talk and learn, when might not-writing be good for me?

13:20 - 12:45
Room 430A

Round Table Chat

A round table chat with one of our guest speakers! Get to know them better and ask them almost anything! MAXIMUM 6 PARTICIPANTS. Register at the conference to reserve your spot.

15:15 - 16:15
Room 430A

Seven Productivity Myths and Why You Should Stop Believing Them

When we struggle with productivity, we often find ourselves asking why any one particular method won’t work for us. Or why we aren’t more productive. Or why other people are more productive than us. This workshop is specifically designed to answer those questions. Join Becca Syme, author success coach and writer, for an opportunity to learn about productivity systems and the concept of success alignment. Don’t miss it!