Audio and Video Recordings of the 2024 Conference

Can’t Attend the Conference?

We have a potential option for you. This year, we will be trying something new. We’ll be recording the vide and audio of some of the presentations.

The catch? We don’t know how well this will work or even how many of the recordings will work, or what the quality will be.

We’re testing our method, but on the day of the conference, anything could happen.

As a result, we have a deal for you. You can order recordings of select sessions* from the conference for $49. We can’t make any guarantees about how many sessions you will get (there will be several) or how high-quality the video or audio will be.

So you’re taking a chance, and helping us raise money for improving this next year. Once we have all the recordings in hand, the price will go up. The plan is for the recordings to ve available around four weeks after the end of the conference. 

Order these recordings at half off the regular price now!