Idaho Writers Conference Restaurant Guide

Boise Restaurant Map

Boise is a great town for foodies. There are all kinds of restaurants within walking distance of the conference and your hotel if you choose to stay downtown. (highly recommended).

Use the button below to browse all that downtown has to offer. But below is a list of a few of our favorites and some recommendations. 


When it comes to the most important meal of the day, there are a lot of choices in Boise. But we have some conference advice for you.

Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro:

Goldy’s is world famous, thanks to Diners and Dives and a few awards. It’s a great place to eat, but give yourself plenty of time. The wait for a table can sometimes be almost an hour.

Goldy’s Corner features a bakery and great coffee choices. It’s a great place to wait for your table at Goldy’s or just stop for a pastry early in the morning.

Moon’s Cafe:

Moon’s serves homemade breakfast and lunch all day. They have gluten-free options for those who need them. Beignets, fresh squeezed OJ, and grapefruit juice, along with a full espresso bar serving Dawson Taylor coffee and daily specials, make this one of our favorites. 

It’s usually not as busy as Goldy’s, and well worth visiting.

Blue Sky Bagels

 With Bagel sandwiches, a variety of flavors,  many cream cheese choices, and a great coffee menu, you can’t go wrong. This is just a short walk from the conference venue, but give yourself a little time. The line can be long.

Alia’s Coffeehouse:

Speaking of bagels. Just a block away from the conference, you will find Alia’s Coffeehouse, with great bagels and bagel sandwiches, specialty coffee, and a great atmosphere.

Grab one of these before the conference, and you’ll have all the energy you need for the morning sessions.

Other Options

Right around the corner, just off the Grove Plaza, there is a Dutch Brothers and right next to that is a Smoothie Cafe. 

Down the street is also Flying M Coffeehouse, and there are a lot of other choices as well. A few blocks away is Guru Donuts, if you are into that kind of thing, and The District is also a great spot for coffee. 

These are just our favorites, but we encourage you to explore and find your own. 

The Warehouse Food Hall:

Located at 370 S. 8th Street, there are a variety of restaurants in this venue. From Japanese cuisine to pizza and more, this is an attendee favorite. The reason? You can check out the lines and get in and out quickly.

Check out the lineup using this link, and get ready for some of the best of Boise.


Great Mexican food, fast, and nearby, Chipotle is a good option and only a couple of blocks walk. You’ll get more food for your buck, and there is usually room for a group to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Next to Chipotle is Panda Express, another great fast option for those who prefer Oriental fare. Next to that is Trader Joe’s, where you can find snacks and other familiar items that can help you power your way through the afternoon.

P.F. Chang’s

With fantastic Chinese fare and quick service, this restaurant has plenty of room for groups and great lunch options. You’ll be back at the conference in no time, ready to face the afternoon.

 There are many other other options in downtown Boise for food, but we recommend these places because of their speed and excellent service. Since you will want to get back to the conference quickly so you don’t miss anything, these are all great choices. 

There are so many good restaurants downtown, that it is hard to choose just a few for dinner. However, there are a few that top our list.


A good variety on the menu, reasonable prices, and room for groups (but we advise reservations if you have more than 8), Bodovino is a favorite spot for our staff and board. Check them out for your dinner plans.


Whether for a cocktail created from their own distilled liquor or other fine spirits, the world-famous nachos, or other authentic Northwest fare, Bardenay has been one of our favorite gathering places for over 20 years. Check out their great menu. It may just be your dinner destination.


Taphouse has great American eats, and a huge variety of brews, Taphouse is a good spot to visit with friends and sample local beers. It’s often busy, but if we have great weather, you can eat outside. 

Tupelo Honey

Southern food dominates this amazing menu with reasonable prices, some of the best fried chicken downtown, and a nice atmosphere. Check out their rich menu and the drink selection that is sure to make you smile.  


All American food with great variety and specials, the Eureka downtown is definitely one of the top on our list. From burgers to killer entrées, you’ll find something just to your taste. And be sure to peruse the cocktail menu for various unique choices.   

There are several other great restaurants downtown, but these are a few of our favorites. Check out all the variety, local breweries, and more! You are sure to find something that meets your taste and style. 


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