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Want to be a part of the annual Idaho Writers Guild Conference? We’re looking for volunteers. Here’s how it works:

Volunteer Expectations and Benefits for 2023

We are looking for volunteers to help with the registration tables and to be on standby in case speakers need help or we need things in various rooms.

The below outlines what we expect from volunteers and what you get in return. Join us!



  • Must sign up for a shift and stay at the Registration Table for that entire shift.
  • May take short breaks during their shift, as long as there is at least one person at the table
  • Work together with other volunteers to make sure there is at least one person at the table at all times and a minimum of two people at peak times (peak times are: registration in the mornings, breaks between workshops, and lunches)


In return volunteers may:

  • Attend workshops on the day of their shift.*
  • Attend additional events (such as receptions) but volunteers must pay for any ticket fee associated with those additional events, such as Presenter Chats, the Robert Dugoni workshop, and agent or editor pitches.

On the day you volunteer, you will likely be very busy, so may not have time to attend many sessions. So if there are specific things you want to attend, we suggest that you volunteer for one day, and register for the day when there are the most classes or workshops you want to attend. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you will be able to attend any sessions or agent pitches on the day you volunteer.

*For example, if a volunteer wishes to attend a workshop for free on Friday, they must sign up for a shift on Friday. If that same volunteer wishes to attend a workshop on Saturday, then they must sign up for a shift on Saturday. Volunteers may not sign up for one shift on Friday and attend all of the workshops on Saturday, but they may sign up for a shift on both days to attend workshops on both days. For days when you are sure you want to attend a certain session, we recommend you pay to register for that day.

**Pitch sessions are not free to volunteers, as these are only available for paid attendees.

Interested in volunteering? Fill out the form below:


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